Hello Everyone,

A warm welcome to the blog, Thank you for stopping by.

This is Pratibha here 🙂 I am an agribusiness graduate with a deep interest in Child Psychology. I hold a Masters degree in Agribusiness Management from Arizona State University, USA. Prior to that, I have studied Agriculture in India. I went to USA to explore life and experience the World. It was an enriched experienced staying there, meeting people from all over the world, get to know their culture and share our with them. But somehow, while talking to them about their Country, rituals and culture, I found I didn’t know anything deep about mine. I didn’t know the real India, our vedas, what’s the reason behind our rituals and and the list just go on. All of sudden, I wanted to know it all and decided to be back after my studies.

It’s strange but the more, I came to know USA and the World , the more I wanted to know India and our inner world. So, I took a decision that , I am going to go back, learn our ancient history, culture and everything I can know about India. I had a dream to help indian farmers grow better food, help them to live a better life and all one can imagine. I wanted to serve and work for India, like Shahrukh Khan did in Swadesh. I could see myself as a future of India. I had a long list of things , I wanted to do and accomplish.

Everyone tried to explain me how foolish my decision was, how emotional and impractical. They all believed that , I am going to regret later on. But I was determined to be back. I knew at that point, I can work it out. I am going to do something really worthwhile in my life. With eyes full of dreams  and  heart full of aspirations , I came back to India on 12th June, 2010. I never forget that date.

It’s being 5 Years, 4 Months & 5 Days today. 🙂

It has been a wonderful journey with tonnes of diverse experiences. It was not the way, I imagined it to be but life  has taught very important lessons to be remembered forever.

Will be sharing each experiences and learnings gradually.

Thank you,



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