Happiness is Papa :)

Happiness is having a father who stands with you and support you no matter what you do. Who is always forgiving & kind. Who can fight the world for you. Who thinks about your happiness way much more than you could ever think.

Who goes with you in your wedding shopping and handles all your tantrums poliety & calmly. Who spends hours buying accessories & sarees for you. Who cries in happiness when you finalize your wedding lehenga. Who keep reminding you how special you are to him.

Who takes you to road trips every year.Who encourage you to take solo trips and explore the world on your own. Who trust you unconditionally and gives you wings to fly high.

Who always break stereotypes of society for your sake and respect. Who you can share all your secrets and weaknesses with. Who spends hours talking to you when you are confused. Who scolds you when you do wrong but pampers you the next moment seeing tears in your eyes. Who is simply amazing and most awesome father ever. Who you can simply can write a book about…

P.S : Who always gives you his credit cards and never complains about long bills 🙂

We are super proud to have you as our father papa.

I pray every girl to have a father like you 🙂


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