“Happiness is a journey. Not a destination.”- Ben Sweetland 

So true.. At times in life, when things doesn’t turn out the way we want them to be, we become sad. We wait for a day to be happy and focus all our energy there.  We think, agar ye ho jayega ( if this will happen) ,then I will be happy. Agar wo mil jayega (If I will get that),then I will be happy and the list just goes on. 

Atleast, it was the case with me 🙂 I used to postpone my happiness until I realized that happiness lies in small things we do & experience everyday. We need not wait for this to happen. It’s rather a choice we make every moment of our life. 

Sharing you with some happiness that we had received in last week 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂 

Happiness is –

Happiness is not something that u can buy or sale it is a wonderful feeling which u can experience in your surrounding in day to day life.

Seeing my loved ones happy..

Beautiful life ….alive

When some one smiles due to me

when someone s giving me surprise…unexpectedly

Food. Travelling .Money . Winning. Dancing .Cheese

When I do something and people gives me a valuable comment gives me a lots of happiness

Finding the missing part of life

my hubby and kids smile

When my mother and father rub my head affectionately

Always positive

My mom & dad smile

When I am m with my family


Peace of mind

To Spend quality time with my kids

Reading a book, alone in my room

Meri family ki khusi mein khushi hain.Waise bhi ajkal mein bahut khush reh raha hun, kyunki mein family ka pura khayal bahut acche se rakh raha hun.

Auto chala raha hun… Wo khushi hain.”Aur kya.. Apna Kamana Apna Khana”

Khushi aj ke time mein viswas aur jo pyar ki bhasha bole na…wahi khushi hain.. Acchai aur pyar hi khushi hain.4 logo ke samne pyar se bol le.. pyar se ap logo ko jawab dede wohi khushi hain

Khushi tho sab chiz mein hain..Yeh tho sabki apni apni soch hoti hain.Zindagi mein dukh sukh sab cahla aa raha hain. Mano tho khushi hain, na tho dukhi hain

“Dukh ko sukh se katle wahi zindagi hain, wahi jeevan hain”


Very true.. It’s all depends on our thoughts. Happiness lies everywhere and we just need to be aware to be feel it. Let’s be happy and live each moment as it comes to us . 

Have a happy February ahead 🙂 

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