“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that is has taken place.”- George Bernard Shaw

Communication can solve most of the problems in our life.It is important to have an open convesration as a family and speak our heart out.In trying to figure out the solution for Dipti , I had received many valuable advice from friends and family. Sharing with you all today few of them.

“Our family is much more important to us than whatever is stressing us out. So in this particular case all three of them should sit together and take a pledge to never take that stress out on one another. All three seem to be individually good but as a family they don’t seem to be coping up with the stress. So talking is the only solution I can think of.— Prashant Agarwal.

“She needs to chat with her father to convey that she is very disappointed with his behaviour”. -Jayendra Shah

“In my opinion if she feels strongly about leaving she should leave. She can help her mother only if she is in perfect tune with herself. Running away is not always a bad option. At times not doing anything is a big problem.Shabbar Hussain

“There is no straight single solution for such problem. It has many dimensions and view point to see.While reading article, I got reminded of something great persons have said. I wrote Master as many people have shared it and most prominent one whom I can recall are Sri Ram Sharma Acharya and Mahatma Gandhi. Don’t hate the person but hate those vices’. Something which makes them do -violence, anger, greed. Never condemn a person but condemn those vices present in man.-Vaibhav Pandya

Forgiveness opens doors to the Love; Love opens door to the Forgiveness — One of the saying which brings us closer to Real True Love which is ever existential.”-Vaibhav Pandya

“Leaving home or Living at home, both has its positive and negative effect. But before acting an open dialogue in whichever forms need to be done with family. At least an attempt for it and try best to listen deeply to understand rather making other understand our point.”-Vaibhav Pandya

“So instead of taking call of leaving home for life, say you can leave it for a month or two… calmly see the picture… human nature is like a tail of dog, very had to make it straight… so let time take care of change in nature is over a night that’s not going to come.”- Vaibhav Pandya

Sharing personal angst, hearing similar stories and how people are dealing with them gives a feeling of connectedness- I am not the only one going through the issues.”Akram

There is always counselling and professional help available. If it gets to that stage, talking to someone who deals with issues can definitely help– Akram.

“Can speak with the father and convince him to accompany her to a psychologist. Family counselling can help since beating is not a sign of a healthy mind.“- Maitreeya Banerjee

“There may not be an ideal solution to the problem. The person going through the pain has to think about the calling of her/his heart and spirit and follow that. They have to focus on the journey within. They have to listen to their own soul. They have to trust what they feel and go with it. It is better to fail after listening to one’s own calling than to fail after listening to someone else’s calling. The solution is to unconditionally trust oneself and live that life”-Hashmukh Sapnawala

It is so true that there is no universal solution to this problem. We all have our journey and need to find our own solutions within.Thanks to everyone for sharing their views. I hope, together Dipti & I can find our ways ahead now.

Thank You !!!


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