” Never compare your journey with others, your path is unique. Own it and make the best out of it”. – Anonymous

I had a meeting at 10 o’ clock yesterday at Noida sector 18. It takes around 20 minutes in general to reach there from my hostel. I left happily at 9:30 am thinking, I have enough time to get there.

In my happiness, I totally forgot that it is the office commute time. The station was packed with people. Among all, I was walking restlessly waiting for the metro to come, as it was already 9: 40 am. A metro came and to my surprise, it was fully packed. It could hardly accommodate 3-4 girls into it. We all have heard of survival of the fittest, and I couldn’t survive to get in at that one 🙂 

Slowly, I walked backwards and was heartbroken. Another metro came after eight minutes. I had prepared myself to fight and get in at this one. I was feeling accomplished when I could squeeze in and found a place to stand, just close to the doors.

Standing, facing the station as the door of the metro was closing, I could relate to the expression of girls, who couldn’t get in. I had a quick look at my watch; It was 9:59 am already. Still, I was happy to get in and thought it will just take another 15 minutes to get there.

When I got down at the station, I found people running towards the exit. Everyone was in hurry and was fighting their way ahead.

At the time, I reached downstairs; there was already a long queue. Getting in line, I was thinking, oh how lucky these people are to rush down here. They are way ahead me and will be on time. It was 10: 15 am already. I was feeling guilty of being late and was getting impatient to get to the exit. Deep inside, I was feeling very jealous of people at exit.

After, two minutes, I saw a long line behind me too. I could feel the same expression on their face. But, I was happy that, ohh there are people behind me too. I felt pity for them for a second. 

My happiness broke when; I noticed that the people in the next queue was moving faster than our queue. I thought for a second, ohh , I wish I could have joined that one. These people are moving faster and will exit sooner than us.

No matter, how much I tried and what I felt, I realized one thing at the end.

The only way to get to the exit is to be in my own line and move forward slowly taking a step at a time. It does not matter how many people are ahead or behind me, I have to walk on my own pace.

Seeing the one at the exit & feeling jealous of him won’t help me and would only make my situation worst. There is no way, I can fly there. Feeling gratitude & proud seeing the one behind me won’t help either. It might give a momentary happiness.

The thing that would help me is to focus on myself and keep moving forward slowly taking one step at time.

Then, the very next moment, I realized, is not the same happening to us in our life too?

At times, we compare & compete with people ahead of us in life, career, status, relationships etc. It taught me, how we are so focused about what everyone else’s is doing? How are they moving faster in life than us? More than our sadness, we worry about other’s happiness. More than our failure, we focus on other’s success. 

Being very honest, we try to imitate people at times, without knowing their life challenges & journey.  We check our friend’s vacations pictures and wish we could also have a vacation like them. We celebrate our friend’s promotions and achievements, but deep down at heart, compare them with our’s . 

At other times, we enjoy the fact that there are many behind us. We feel gratitude for everything that we have. With a proud in our voice, we introduce ourselves to the world, boasted high in our achievements.  During depression and low times, we explain ourselves, how blessed we are to at least have food to eat or a home to sleep at night.

I am not saying, we shouldn’t feel gratitude or blessed for whatever we have in our life. But deep inside,I believe, that is also comparing ourselves with someone else . 


Is it that hard to just focus on our own journey and be a better person than what we were the day before ? 

Ultimately, at the end, we all have to reach the exit. Every one of us has their own journey to conquer.  I believe, It is just our choice, that do we want to run and rush there, do we want to walk slowly enjoying our being and momentum or do we just  want to take another way out.

Our journey is ours, irrespective of people ahead or behind us.

Life will be so beautiful, if we will learn to focus just on our journey. If we will learn to love & accept ourselves fully. If we will learn to appreciate the one ahead of us and help the one behind us. 

Believe me, we all are moving at the right pace and will reach our destination at our own right time.











  1. Microscopic observations……..with excellent language n expression………always proud of u.
    I always waitfor ur blogs

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