I have been reading Lucknow Boy- A Memoir by Vinod Mehta since last week . A wonderful read. In the introduction section, he has written: ” I had to chart an individual course. I had to frame a set of personal ten commandments, draw my  own Lakshman- rekha. ” 

He then has written, ” Role models presented a problem. Thus, while I could borrow from here & there, I realized I had to become my own role model.”

I just loved this lines and realized the truth of it. In life, we often try to imitate others. We get influenced by a personality and devote our whole life becoming them. Atleast, I have tried the same. I have had my role models and just wanted to be like them. I believed everything they said and did to be right, until I realized that it is not working. 

Each one of us is unique and have our own journey to conquer. 

Let’s learn from everyone but draw our own lakshman rekha 🙂 

Let’s be our own role model 🙂 



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