“You don’t know a woman until you have had a letter from her. “- Ada Leverson 

I love everything about letters and keep writing them to me, my friends and families.  I believe, there are times when it is hard to speak our true feelings and thoughts. I have taken help of letters at that time and found them to be very helpful. I would  also request all of you to write one to yourself or your loved ones today. 

Sharing with you all a letter , I wrote to myself on 1st January, 2017 🙂 

Dear Pratibha,                                                                                                              1st January, 2017

A very happy new year to you.

You are amazing and I love you for everything you do and not do 🙂

The year 2016 went really fast and could not believe it’s 1st of january already.  I know, it was not as easy as it looked to everyone. It has its’ own challenges, fear and doubts. In a way, you were on a rollercoaster of emotions. But when I am thinking of it while writing, I couldn’t remember a lot. I believe, this is the beauty of life. Time heals everything and we move on in life becoming  more strong & clear. 

You lost baba (your grandfather). Spending time with him during his last days on earth has given you a new perspective of life. He inspired you to write  and helped you understand more of you. You have learned to love & accept yourself more everyday with him. 

Pratibha, I don’t know about others, but I know you very well. There are time , when you do feel totally lost,  when you get depressed and lose hope in life. I have seen you telling lies to yourself on those days about how everything is ok and there is no problem with you. I have seen you pretending to yourself and life to be perfect, when it not.

Pratibha, in  year 2017,  you need to be honest with yourself. No one is perfect and you don’t have to be one all the time. It is totally ok to fail, totally ok to feel depressed & lost at times. Just accept yourself at that time and move on. Ask for help , when you need it. Share with your family, when you feel so. Be true to yourself always and respect your very being. 

Pratibha, there is nothing right or wrong in this world. What you believe to be right, might be wrong for someone else. And anyways, there is no need to be right always. At times, you need to just let go.You are  born to love & live life. What others do and think of you is none of your business. You are a unique combination of your own self , so  please don’t lose your uniqueness by comparing yourself to people around.  Let’s not  judge, compete and compare this year. 

Every year,  you make a new resolution and fail to continue the same after a week. As something new comes up or you run out of time. Your thoughts doesn’t allow you to relax when you do so and the guilt starts to build as soon as you discontinue. You then give tons of excuses to justify yourself and why you  can’t just do  it anymore.

So, let’s not make any new year resolution this year. Every day is a new beginning, what If you fail today, remember there is always a tomorrow  and a day after tomorrow 🙂 If not this life, then believe in reincarnation, there is always another lifetime 🙂

So why rush !! Just relax and enjoy your time.

In life, you had spend most of your time knowing the outer world, exploring things and places. You had travelled extensively and have made amazing friends. Let’s  be your best friend in year 2017. Let’s spend some time with yourself everyday to know yourself better. Let’s just for a change, live for yourself & your dreams this year . 

Let’s just be you this year and give space to others to be themselves. Life is meant to love .. So express, love & live in year 2017. Accept  life & everyone as they come on your way. 

Pratibha, I forgot the most important thing, Learn to Say No & Respect yousrelf . 

Never Give Up !!!! I am always there for you.

Looking forward to spend the year with you 🙂


Pratibha …



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