While walking back to the hostel from my evening yoga class, a thought of eating something nice & spicy came to my mind. I couldn’t resist the feeling and walked down the market to enjoy the “dili ki chat ” 🙂
When I was busy enjoying the chat, my eyes struck to this man sitting in front of me, smiling and enjoying a cup of tea with a fellow vendor.
I walked to him and we had a very interesting conversation about life & family in general. His is Mr. Dashrath Sah. A 65 years old man with his ancestral roots in Bihar. He is into the business of bhel ( an Indian snack ) since last 40 Years.
He shared, beta, I had come to Delhi for my livelihood. I was offered a job at a govt. department that paid only rs. 60/- a month. I left that job as it was not enough to sustain my family in Delhi at that time.
I have always been a very hardworking & dedicated man. Will you believe, I made my house, brought up my kids through this business only. Those were the happy days.
Time has changed today, he continues. I did everything for my kids but now they have left me and I live alone. “Aj kal ka jamana aisa hi hain – koi kisi ka nahi hain. Sab sirf apne barein mein sochte hain”. (The lifestyle of today is that no one thinks anything about anyone.)
He said, I am not complaining just sharing my view points. I earn rs. 50/- a day now and cook my own food. I am very happy with life. I have no complains with my kids either. I go and visit them at times.
Just a thought for the youngsters he said, some throw their parents out of house in old age. I wonder, he said , why our kids forget that they will also be old one day and the same may happen to them.
“Yehi life is majbori hain ki hum hamare sath bhi aisa ho sakta hain ,sochte hi nahin hain “( This is the dilemma of our life, we never think that, the same can happen to us also).
Tum hi socho beta, thik kah raha hun na ?
I had no answer of his question. I just smiled and walked back to the hostel. Walking back, I kept thinking about his wisdom & life. In an essence, he wanted to say, we get back what we give out to others. 
Let’s love & respect our grandparents from today 🙂  Let’s just give them our best from today 🙂 

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