I am not getting chance to watch TV these days as travelling to places & mostly to villages. Yesterday at bhaiya’s place while watching the hot discussion on Aaj Tak about demonetization, I watched Sonakshi Sinha’s Signature Blanket Ad.

She was saying ” Signature blanket ke bina aapki lifestyle adhuri hain ” A signature blanket for signature home (Your lifestyle is incomplete without a signature blanket). I was smiling hard after watching the advertisement. 

I kept thinking, I don’t have a signature blanket  but I don’t feel my lifestyle is incomplete without one. In the whole ad, there was no discussion about the product quality & utility. They were just trying to make a luxury brand out of it to sell their products and the sole purpose is to make money.

I mean, there is nothing wrong in earning money and selling the products. It is their business but I believe, that doesn’t give them the right to make people feel incomplete & insecure without one. If one will study the ad and brands today, their main focus have been about how we look, our status quo ,beauty & luxury more than the quality & utility.


This reminded me of an add I watched of Priyanka Chopra’s on Rajnigandha Silver Pearls two years back. Priyanka in the ad is saying  Dil Bada Tho , Tu Bada ” and Acchai ki ek Chamak hoti hain “. 

In India, we are already dealing heavily with people who chew tobacco and eat Rajnigandha and now Priyanka and the company through her add are trying to inculcate the same habits to Indian women.Not only that, they are trying to relate it to the goodness inside us. 

Strange, still they are  the super stars and heroes of our country. Priyanka,  just a quick question , what Acchai and bada dil have to do with one eating Rajnigandha Silver Pearls ? And do you yourself consume it everyday ?



Amitabh Bachhan Ji is saying :Maggi brings Khushiyan in Two Minutes”.  No offense ! I am a big fan of both Amitabh ji and Maggi. First thing, It never gets prepared in two minutes and secondly, it  has never brought me happiness in two minutes. But, I agree with one thing for sure is that,thinking of having maggi, gives me an excitement in two minutes . But that excitement & happiness doesn’t last once I eat it.

Am I the only one who gets stomach ache after eating one ?


Beauty !! It is one of my favorite topic to write about. But I am happy today that to whom, we believe to be epitome of beauty in our society are also confused about it 🙂

Yami Gautam is saying, get fairer skin everyday and one can get instant fairness using Fair & Lovely. On the other hand,  Asin is advocating about having yellow skin that outshines gold.


I am still thinking ,why do we need to look yellow and  have a skin that outshine gold ? I believe Lux & Asin must be having the answers .


Let’s talk about Katrina Kaif’s slice advertisement.  I have never seen anyone dressing like a goddess before eating a mango. The time, I had first watched this ad, I kept thinking what is so revealing about a mango & a bottle of slice ? We all understand why they have chosen her and the message they are trying to portray through the ad.



I am in Delhi for some time now and the city is full of pollution. It is hard to get fresh air outside even for an hour. I have changed six cosmetics brands in last six months but all have failed to keep my skin fresh & healthy from dust allergies caused due to pollution.Had taken advice from the top skin doctor of the city but still no result. Lastly, getting some relief since last two -three days, when I started applying twenty years old cow’s ghee (butter) on my face.

But according to Katrina and the Lux, If I will use this new fresh splash soap, It will be a breath of fresh air for my skin. Seems like, need to try this one too 🙂 



No words for this one !!!! I hope you get my point.


In our country, we pray superstars like God. We spend hours following their facebook page, personal life, brands they love & every small thing about them. Heroines are believed to be the epitome of beauty and its’ a dream of many to look like them & be them in every possible way.

Many youth lose their hope & career every year trying to get into the Bollywood world of name & fame. Many get depressed and lose their life too. Where are we heading with it ?

I am a big fan of movies myself and love watching them but still I believe, we have given more power to them than we should.What’s wrong with us ? What’s wrong with the advertising company and the film star ? I totally understand, they are a star and need to make money to have a luxury lifestyle & pay their bills. But, I believe they should think of their social responsibility  too before endorsing a brand. There are millions of people, who follow them blindly and believe in the brands just because they are associated with it.

It’s a  humble request to the companies, the advertising agencies and the film starts to please use their creativity, money & fame in a good way. Please make good & healthy product and advertise them sensibly. If you at least cannot use it in good way , please don’t mislead the people and your fan.

Let’s not give them the power & authority to play with our psychological mind.











11 thoughts on “JAGO GRAHAK JAGO !!!

  1. The ads play on your minds. Its worse with kids products. My kids at times find the ads more interesting than the cartoon channel as they get to know about all sorts of chocolates, chips, deodorants etc

  2. Nailed it on the head ! But that’s how today’s world is and common sense takes a beating ! Its the glamour and promotions that run the show and not facts and figures !

  3. People in the world of advertisement use star power to attract more eyeballs. Do the actors themselves use all these products? I don’t think so. The sad part- the common public fell into this trap.
    I really liked ur article.

  4. Prativa di
    I am too happy and i agree with your article . really these people are giving us only the chemical compositions these are totally waste.
    i was lots of pimples on my face i cencern many skin doctors all advice too many medicines really costly you know i tried every facewash that ads comes in tv but nothing was gave me a result..my brother said me himalaya facewash is giving neem facewash i am giving you a natural neem facewash try this you will find a good result. believe me di i applied turmernic (haldi) and natural neem leaf it was gave me the unbelivable result and all my pimples dissapear in three days only. these are just giving us the chemicals which are damaging our skins more

    1. Yes, I also believe it is the time right now to go back to our roots again and look for the solutions there.

      We have a rich culture of Ayurveda and natural treatments. We can find remedies for many of our problem there.

      Thanks for sharing your views.


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