I am getting few acne on my face due to irregular sleep & diet routine since last two months. One of friend suggested visiting her skin doctor, as she is really good. She told, Pratibha, Look at your skin!! What have you done to it? How can you be so careless about it, please visit my doctor today only. 

Coincidentally, I was in the doctor’s office area the very next day. The tone & concern of her voice made me took an appointment from her. When I reached there, to my surprise, it was more of a skin & beauty center than a skin doctor’s clinic. The place was very well designed & decorated occupied with beauty magazines products & books. 

I was asked to fill a form, given a nice cup of coffee and then I proceeded to visit the doctor. She greeted me warmly, asked my age and listened to my concern patiently. She told me Pratibha, don’t worry; it’s just due to sun exposure. You have not been taking good care of your skin since last two months and it needs a holistic approach to get it back to normal again. 

Then, she asked me smile, laugh and be amazed for some time. Later, I realized that she was studying my facial expression through it. The thing she suggested after it, surprised me to the core. May be because I am not aware of things going on like this in our society these days. 

She suggested, Pratibha your face is not according to the current beauty standards. We need to do something to make it one. You need a facial rejenevaution. She continued, see when you smile, I could see few lines framing near your eyebrows. That is not good. We could do a Botox for this one. It will only cost you Rs. 18000 /- and you face will be perfectly fine then. I was shocked for a second but kept listening her patiently. 


She told, Pratibha we need to also do some lip work for you. What do you think, should we uplift it a bit as you will look more beautiful then. Don’t worry, it will only cost you Rs.39000/- and will just be an hour work for me. You could feel the change yourself then.

She kept suggesting and told you also need a Photo PRP to uplift your cheeks. Your face will look even & younger. I think you will look more beautiful by doing it. What do u think? It will only cost you Rs. 25,000/-.


I asked her surprisingly, mam do people really play around with their face like this? She replied, Pratibha, It’s not playing around with face. Don’t you know Kareena has changed beauty standards after she did a Photo PRP on her. Aishwarya has done it too and forget Aishwarya, every other woman & girls are doing it these days. It’s very normal. You need to follow the beauty trend & be updated.

I was quiet & laughing hard inside listening all these. I told mam, I don’t want all these, can you please suggest me some daily routine that I can follow to get rid of my acne or some medicine I can eat.

She told, I know these treatments are expensive, I can give you some discount or can suggest you another budget chemical treatments too. I was speechless. I told her, Mam, I love myself the way I look & don’t need any facial rejuvenation for now. Thank you for your concern & time. I waved goodbye to her & left the office smiling.

It was an unforgettable experience; I laughed rest of the day thinking about her & the treatment she had suggested. I learned a new term “follow the beauty trend”. I realized, how blind we have become as a society, as an individual. Kareena & Aishwarya have now been setting beauty trends for us. The media, the fashion world, the cosmetics, the cloth & the beauty companies have made us fall into a trap, which we are not even aware we are in.

Are they really the beauty standard? Do we need to look like them? Do we need to follow them?

What is beauty? How would one define it? We all must be having different definition of it.

For me, every individual is beautiful. Beauty lies inside each one of us and especially in a person’s eyes. It is totally up to us to see & experience it. For me, it is more of an inner thing than the outer looks.

For me, I am beautiful. For me, you are beautiful. Let’s just realise our own inner beauty. Let’s just not follow the trend & get in to the trap. Let’s just be & feel beautiful from today.



10 thoughts on “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL :)

  1. Really? And what did you tell your friend after that 😛
    Well, I rarely follow the new fashion trends 🙂 I do what I like.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I would suggest people, not to blindly follow the celebrities for everything.

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