From Breakfast at Marriott to Eating Dinner at a Farmer’s House.

Oh.. How much I missed writing!!! I realized writing is a natural way of expression for me. It just comes natural and I cannot plan it. I did try to write many times in between but just couldn’t.

Yesterday , was of one day, when I really felt like writing after a long time. 

The day was an adventure and gone through many shifts during a single day. 

The morning was beautiful. I woke up at JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi with all the luxury of life. With a morning coffee just a call away, with a Jacuzzi to take morning bath, with more than fifty options to choose for breakfast, and the list goes on.

Sitting at my room window, I kept looking at people walking around. They all looked happy & had the best of their life. Life seems beautiful around.

View From My Window 

I had to leave for a village three hours from Delhi for my research work in Organic Farming. The safest option to get there is to take a local bus that runs from Delhi everyday as it drops one directly in front of the babaji’s house (the farmer, I am doing my research with). I call him Babaji Fondly. I am a regular visitor to their house and they are a family now 🙂 

I left the hotel around 1: 30 PM and took a taxi to reach the bus stand. The bus conductor was the super nice person. I kept my luggage in the bus and roamed around the bus stand. Suddenly, I thought such a different world from Marriott, crowded all over, people selling food on street, rushing to get that bus but still in that chaos life still seems beautiful. There were people standing at the corner laughing & enjoying the food. To them, it was not chaos, but just a normal way of life.

At 4, we started our bus journey for the village. The villagers kept boarding the bus one by one and in some time it got full. I had the most comfortable journey, as the people were very nice, polite and helpful. 

I reached the farmer’s house at 7 in the evening. They welcomed me with their warmth and love.We had a nice home cooked dinner, sitting at the floor of their porch. I could see the stars and experience the quietness of that place. I slept with all the necessity of life but had the most peaceful sleep.

Babaji’s House



It was a day in shift. From having breakfast at a seven star to a local bus journey to having dinner at a farmer’s house. At night, I went in to deep thoughts to whom we would say living the best life. The one who is having all the luxury and living in a metro city or the one who is doing farming and living in a village?

I realized, we divide the society by our standard of living, class, brands we wears, profession, and the list goes on….. We mark one to be superior than another. But yesterday for the first time, I realized that we couldn’t do it. Things don’t run this way.

Then, I realized, we cannot define life in black & white. We cannot define happiness through money, status & standard of living. To a farmer, Marriot may be luxury or seems unreal but that is just a way of living for people moving in that class. It is their way of life.

And to a so called up –class people, being a farmer & living in a village or travelling through local bus could be a misery & unreal but it is just their way of life. There is no such thing as this is good or another is bad. It is just that they are different. But with all the differences, I could see human being everywhere smiling & cherising happy moments of their life.

I realized, everyone lives in their comfort zone and I don’t hold any ground to judge anyone for anything. At the end, we all are human beings who just want to be happy.

Let’s see human in everyone from today. Let’s not differentiate anyone based on their class, status & standard of living from today.

Let’ just live our life & let others live there 🙂 




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