29th September,2016


Thought of Marriage :

There is a very interesting story behind, how her marriage was fixed. Mummy used to stay in Kolkata at that time. Papa was doing his articleship ( a training course required for CA students) in Kolkata too. Through some family connection, my mother’s aunt was local guardian of papa in the city. Papa used to visit her house once in a while to meet her aunt & enjoy homemade food. They were just acquaintance at that time.

One Sunday, a boy came to meet mummy for marriage proposal. Papa didn’t know about the event and went to visit them as it was a Sunday afternoon. These are very formal meetings in India and seeing the situation, Papa sat quietly in their drawing room.

The boy was bit fat & his colour was dark. When mummy saw the boy, she started crying saying , How can I marry him? We don’t match at all. Look at him, I look like a small girl in front of her. 

Her mamaji (mother’s brother) had come to help her family with the event.  Seeing mummy crying, he tried to cool her mummy down & told, don’t you please cry. If you don’t like him, that is totally fine. We will find another boy for you. We just want your happiness. 

He then asked my naniji (mummy’s mother) looking at Papa, who is that handsome boy sitting in our drawing room ? Naniji told , he is Suresh Bondia. He is from Jharsuguda & a Chartered Accountant in the making. Naniji liked Papa & told him everything about Papa. Mamaji said,  Lo kar lo bat -Ghar mein Ladka aur Goan mein dhindhora “( An old saying in India. The boy is at home and you are searching for him in whole village).

Everyone said, we never gave it a thought that way. He said, let’s give it a thought now. I just loved this boy & he will be perfect for Santosh (mummy) .They said goodbye to the boy who  had come to meet mummy & the conversation started for mummy & Papa marriage. 

Engagement : 

Truly said, matches are made in heaven 🙂 

After few days, they were engaged to get married. People ask mummy,Pakka apki love marriage hogi ? Kuch tho affair hoga hi.”( It must be a love marriage ? You guys must be having an affair). And she just smiles and says, we had never thought,even in  our dreams that,  we both will get married to each other one day. This is destiny I guess 🙂 


Marriage :

A new beginning of her life 🙂 

I just love her pink lehenga & the serenity of her face in this picture. Mummy , you are beautiful 🙂 

Kids :

She is a blessing to all three of us 🙂 

Another beautiful chapter opened in her life with birth of my brother Vishal Bondia :). Then I arrived. Mummy says, she loved me the most as a child 🙂 🙂 I don’t know the status now 🙂 

Then came Radhika, the most precious gift of God to her. They both share the deepest bond with each other. I feel Radhika loves & understand mummy the most. I do get jealous of it though at times 🙂 



v40I just love this picture of her 🙂 I feel like, her eyes are saying something very deep & reflecting all the love, calmness & purity she has inside her heart.

Mummy, I wish I could look as beautiful as you on my marriage day 🙂 I wish , I could be as pure, simple & loving as you 🙂 I wish, I just wish 🙂 

                                                                                      The journey to be continued in another blogpost…..                                              




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