28th September, 2016


My Mother. I don’t know how to describe her in words. She is the most forgiving, patient, selfless, simple & loving lady I have ever met.

She just doesn’t know how to say “NO” & is the coolest mom ever. At times, I say to her, Mummy “please restrict me or scold at me, but she just doesn’t. She is very different and I love her for this 🙂 

She is a multi potentialite. A poet at heart, she is an excellent writer. She writes poetry, articles, stories , shayari based on her life experiences. She is a cooking expert and have been taking free cooking classes since last fifteen years. She does it all along with taking care of our big joint family.

Sharing one of her poem.  She wrote this long back finding her own astitva ( Existence) in this world.

Santosh Bondia

At times, I feel all our mothers to be super humans. I never get, how they manage everything and sacrifice all of themselves for their kids & family with a big smile on their face. I salute to all our moms for this 🙂 

Mummy is a blessing & an inspiration to us.  I am going to share her journey with you all in coming days 🙂 


She was born in 15th October, 1963 in Kolkata. She has been very innocent since childhood & have worked hard from the very beginning. As both her parents were sick, and her elder sisters got married, she started doing household work & taking care of family since she was 12. In her own words : ” I used to wake up early morning, cook food for the whole family and then used to go to school for my studies” After coming back, I used to engage again in work. I did everything happily beta & have no regret for it”.

I wonder mummy, how you would have done it all. I can’t even imagine doing it now.

Thought of Marriage :

She had a deep interest in studies and was a bright student. It was a different era then and it was not acceptable in her family for a girl to go into higher education after college. As soon as she finished her B.A., the family started looking for a boy for her. She couldn’t resist & agreed. 

She couldn’t study & fulfill her dreams. But at that moment, she thought that, I wouldn’t let the same happen to my daughters. She decided, I will give them wings to fly high in the sky and will support them in every step of their life. 

She did the same 🙂 She supported us in every step of our life. She believes in us and gives us the confidence to touch the sky high.  She is always there for us and somehow all my dreams and ideas seems achievable to her 🙂 

She tells  me beta ( child) :  “You are special and I am very proud of you. I feel sometimes that, you are born with a purpose, a purpose bigger than life. A purpose to give back & bring  a change in our society. I know you will live a very beautiful life ahead. Go ahead & chase your dreams. When ever you will need me or will fall back, you will always find me standing behind you.”

Mummy , a big thank you for always being there for me. For making me whatever I am today 🙂 I don’t know what future holds for me or what purpose I have in my life, I am just happy that, I make you Proud. I am just happy that, you are there in my life.



The journey to be continued in next post….. 


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