26th September, 2016


Few days back, my cousin called & told her mother, Guddo didi ko dekho, kahan se kahan pahuch  gayi hain, aur aap hum logo ki shadi kar diye. Aap bhi unka blog roj padha karon ( Look at Guddo, where she has reached today & you got us married so soon. You also start reading her blog everyday.)

I was surprised listening this from her & from her mother too. This is not the only incident, many people have told me in this last month ,Pratibha good that you didn’t get married yet, you explored life in between &  now you know what you want from your life. This is the right time for you to get married . 

What is the right time to get married and who takes this decision ? For Many, the right time to get married have already gone, for many Its’ still have not come. Many of you may not like the post, but this is the truth of our society.

We keep asking a girl & her family as soon as she becomes 23-24, that when is she getting married ?? Shadi kab kar rahe ho beti ki ? I am not saying there is something wrong in asking but the way few people ask the question is.

As she start to gets old ( in society standard ) they start assuming, there must be something wrong with her or the family ? They ask her parents many questions, Apko koi chinta nahi hain ? Apko neend kaise ati hain ? Apki beti itni badi ho gayi hain ? Mujhe dekho, meine tho sab time par kar diya ? ( Are your not worried for your daughter ? How could you sleep peacefully at night ? Look at me, I have done everything on time ). 

Even, when they not say it in front, there are thousands of questions keep coming into their mind about the girl & the family. They want the answer of an Universal question that nobody knows… Shadi kab kar rahe ho ? Ab tho kar li ho ? ( When are you getting married ? It is the time you should do it.) 

Few add full drama to it & feel pity for the girl & the family.They show full sympathy towards the girl & the family and keep telling them about the right age of getting married. What is the right age to get married ?  

I will be 29 this month & I am not married 🙂  Honestly, I never felt for a second that, the perfect age has gone to get married. Even I feel blessed for all the experiences and teachings of life. The years have give me the strength and maturity that would  help make the future journey beautiful. 

Age is just a number, I believe, a person should get married when one is ready to do so.When one knows what are they looking in their life partner & life. When one is emotionally mature to start the new journey of life. And it varies from person to person & family to family. One may be ready at 21 & another may not be in 32. 

Six months back, My mother got upset thinking log kya kahenge ? ( What people will think ? ) I told my mother, why do u think about what people will say ? I know, we are part of our society & their opinions matters to us but we cannot survive with their opinions as it changes everyday. We cannot get upset for people who just sit & discuss about other’s life without taking any responsibility to help & contribute.

I told her, it is easy to sit & talk about a situation and give free opinions but it is a different thing about taking responsibility. It is easy to talk about marriageable age of a girl & it is a different thing to take responsibility of her as a society. 

The lesson , I learned from my journey is that,“Marriage is an important part of life, It is not life “.

If a girl is not married yet, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with her or the family. It doesn’t mean that it is the end of her life . It doesn’t mean that she will not have a happy & bright future. It doesn’t mean what others think it means to be. 

If a girl is not married yet, it means that, she is single. It means that , she or the family couldn’t find the match yet, that they have in mind. It means that she is not ready to get married now. It means what the girl and family think it to be. 

I believe,  as a society, we should support & understand each other. let’s not judge anyone from today instead take responsibility of everyone as a society and cooperate with each other. 

Let’s live a beautiful life together 🙂 



11 thoughts on “26th September, 2016

  1. Very true pratibha , age is just a number, we should decide from our own when to start out new inning of life or to get marry.
    I m 34 bachelor , and enjoying life with full maturity .
    Marriage is a part of life but not life.

  2. Prativa di
    You are right. i think the society is now a stage they think that what they did that was right for all. They actually mean that they can’t see the other who is in the way of success.they want to just end their responsibilities. Are just ask the person who is working for her/his life want to marry or not.anyone not the rights to take decissions on others life..

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