25th September, 2016


While going through family albums this afternoon, I found lovely pictures of Dadi & Baba. It was a bliss going through them. I could feel each one of them, could see the beauty, simplicity & serenity of it.

I realized, how beautifully they have shared the journey of life together.Let’s go through their journey of their life through pictures 🙂

Baba’s love at first sight 🙂  



            They have travelled & have seen the world together 🙂 


                                    They celebrated festivals & Prayed to God Together 🙂 


                                   They  cherished marriage of  their only son together 🙂 


                They are a blessing to their grandchildren & have given their best to them 🙂 

I loved this picture of them 🙂 


Their family in year 2014 🙂  



Their Great Grand Daughter Arvi 🙂 


I am in awe now !! The seed that they had planted 70 years back are flowering today. They welcomed the fourth generation of their family Arvi in year 2015. This make me love India, our family culture & tradition. In India only, four generation can live happily under one roof and a marriage can run as long as 70 years. 

They are our inspiration & I thank them for all their love & care.




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