24th September, 2016


I couldn’t write for last 4-5 days, as we have been continuously taking rounds at hospital and was mentally occupied with lots of things. 

I experienced a strange thing about life at the hospital. Doctors are saying the condition of Baba is critical now and we don’t know what future holds for us. The whole family is trying our best to revive him back to health.We usually have 50 guest visiting him everyday & they spend in average an hour with him.

This is the dilemma of life, we don’t appreciate & spend time with the person who is living, we criticize them every day & want them to change. We don’t visit our friends & family often & hurt them with our words but when the same person is lying in the bed, we put all our energy trying to save them. We all visit them & cry for them & pray for their recovery. 

Shouldn’t we do the same thing for the person who is alive & healthy & are close to us ? Shouldn’t we spend time & appreciate them for what they are & do for us ? The questions keep coming ? Why can’t we just accept life as it is ? Why can’t we just accept that people are different & we all have different capacity?  Why can’t we just let others live the way they want to live ? Why can’t we just let go of perfections ?

I realized , life is very simple. We all want different things from life. What works for you , may not work for me. It doesn’t mean that you are right & I am wrong, It simply means that we both are different. If we both are walking on the same garden, you may notice a beautiful rose & I may notice a beautiful lily. They both are beautiful & it’s our individual perspective that makes one more beautiful than another.

I believe, life runs in the same way. We cannot generalize anything. Each one is living & doing the best they can under given circumstances. Who we are to criticize anyone ? What we can do is to play our role the best. For some, vacation is spending time at home, reading a book & a good cup of coffee is heaven for them at that time. For another, vacation is doing scuba diving in Goa, trying all the adventures of life & partying all night. Whom would you say had the best vacations ? 

Life doesn’t run in a simple right or wrong concept, there is much more to it. Let’s not blame anyone for anything. Every one is trying their best & giving their best to the life. Let’s appreciate people when they are alive & love them for who they are . Let’s not make a big deal out of life & live each moment as it comes to us.

Please let’s not wait to love , accept & forgive the person we love. Let’s not blame, complain, compare & criticize anyone from today. 

We will definitely regret it when they will be lying in their death bed. 

Just just live & let others live the way they want. 







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