23rd September,2016


What is life ? It’s 8:00 AM in the morning, sitting at hospital watching Baba sleeping, surrounded by all the medical equipments, I am getting into some deep thoughts. The doctors will operate him today & we don’t know what future hold for him & our family. 

What is the purpose of being born ?  What’s the meaning behind everything ? I tried to ask baba, what meaning could you find about your life, but he is not in a position to answer clearly now. All he wants is to come home soon & kept asking me , When can I go home ? 

Then I wondered, some say... life mein kuch nahi rakha hain.. ghoomo phiro aur aish karo. Kya pata kal ho na ho … And Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara …( Don’t get serious about life .. Just enjoy & travel around.) It kept me thinking, is it hold true for us now ? Can we not think about tomorrow  & just enjoy today. Can we just be in flow today & let things happen the way it is?

I kept thinking, there must be something more about life than just enjoying & traveling ? Our life couldn’t be just about watching that new movie ? or to just eat that delicious pizza at Pizza Hut ? or to just buy that new Iphone 7 coming next month ? Or to just have an amazing vacation in Hawai ? Or to just could afford to buy that expensive dress?  Or to ?? The list goes on ? 

The thought got a break, when a friend came to meet Baba. While talking about today’s operation & his situation, the conversation got shifted to the doctors & medical community in general. We started discussing about, how the doctors aren’t ready today to take full responsibility of a critical patient & if something wrong happens, they blame the other department for the same.How they have become manipulative these days & how the system is being corrupted. As usual, all three of us had a good discussion & he left for his work. Bhaiya got busy with baba & I was left with my thoughts. 

I was trying to connect the dots. How it is all interlinked ? Our discussion, my thoughts in the morning & life in general ?

In found out that, everything is connected with each other. We cannot work on one system & leave another. We cannot blame one thought & follow another.  We cannot just enjoy today & not think about future. We cannot blame the medical community, or any other community or the people anyone. 

I realized the need of the hour is to find meaning of our life & work. If we could find that, we will work with a higher purpose. We will take full responsibility of our thoughts, actions & words. We have believed life to be very short & just want to live the best, have the best of everything for us & enjoy it to the maximum. We have forgotten that, we will have to leave this world for generations to come. 

If, each one of us will take full responsibility of our thoughts & actions and do work  authentically, the  earth will be a heaven.

Let’s live a meaningful life 🙂 






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