20th September, 2016


Writing a blog post everyday is bringing a new light to my life. I am moved by everyone’s love & appreciation & how they can connect to it. My loved ones & family are saying, Pratibha Write a book , you are a writer. The other day, a friend said, Pratibha your compositions are beautiful, how can you write & frame so beautifully. It was quiet & it reminded me of old days.

I am going to share the truth of my life today. I was born in Jharsuguda, Odisha .My father has a strong belief that one should get the basic education in their mother tongue, as it helps in better understanding. I have studied in a hindi medium school , Saraswati Shishu Mandir from nursery till class 10th. English was just a subject & we had the basic knowledge of it but I could hardly speak & write a sentence in english at that time. 

It was 31st May 2002,  the day my class 10th result was announced. My uncle & aunt were at Jharsuguda visiting us .We made a quick decision that, I will go to Jabalpur for my further studies. I wasn’t prepare to leave home but packed my bags in four days & we left for Jabalpur. We applied in many schools, but as the admissions were almost closed & all the schools already had one month of academic session, they were skeptical to take new students. 

Finally, I  got admission in Christ Church Senior Secondary School , Jabalpur and that too in ISC board as the CBSE seats were full. ISC board meant that I had to study Shakespeare and Charles Dickens as a subject course book. For a girl who could hardly read & understand the writings of Indian authors at that time, studying Shakespeare was a nightmare. 

Those days were the toughest. I was dealing with homesickness, food & on the top of that English. I could hardly spell phosphorous right 🙂 I remember, our teacher used to mark my spellings on exam answer sheets. I didn’t know how to start an interaction in english so made a decision to keep quiet most of the time. Slowly, I leaned few sentences & used to speak the same with everyone 🙂 At times, they used to make fun of me & talk on my back about my ascent & grammar. 

I used to sit with my course books for hours without understanding a single word  of it. In the beginning, physics was like an alien to me 🙂  On the top of everything, we didn’t have tution facilities available in our hostel. I didn’t want to share my background with anyone, as I feared that they will not accept me then. This all left me alone to deal with the situation at hand.  I used to sleep at 4 :oo AM and woke up at 6 :00 AM to read. Sometimes, I used to cry the whole night, figuring  out what Shakespeare is trying to convey through his writings, figuring out how can I solve that physics numericals & what does this chemical reactions means. 

I had an option to go back, but being a topper through out my high school, I didn’t want to fail.I knew, if I will go back now, I will have no option in future to come out of that place. By God’s grace, I would say , I got promoted to class 12th. My whole family were there like a pillar supporting me each & every day. Especially My uncle,  Satish Phuphaji & my lovely aunt, Sangita bhua. I have no words to express my gratitude to them & will write about them soon 🙂 

Being, promoted to class 12th gave me some confidence, I slowly started working on my english, took help from my friends & family. I accepted myself & got all my spellings on track. I started understanding physics & could find meaning in shakespeare verse by then. The happiest day of my life is when I cleared my 12th with 80% of marks. I still feel that to be my biggest achievement of life. 

Few days back one of my friend  from Christ Church called & said. “Pratibha.. Blogging slogging.. amazing it is yar, your english, words, & the way you frame your story. Just wow !! I also want to start my blog , please help me with it. I want to start writing , how can I do it ? “

I was stuck for a moment, she needs my help to start writing ? She was always a good friend & supported me but still, she was the one with best vocabulary in our class. She had the expertise in Shakespeare & the one with excellent writing skills during high school.

 It was a wake up call for me !!!

It reminded me how our whole life comes in a circle one day, we don’t know where life will take us & what we all will be tomorrow. We don’t know, with whom we will cross our path  in future.We don’t know …We just don’t know.

I learned, one should not make fun of anyone’s weaknesses & underestimate them.  Instead we should support them, the best we can today.  I learned , we shouldn’t even underestimate ourselves. We never know , how our weaknesses could turn out to be our biggest strength one day.






14 thoughts on “20th September, 2016

  1. Great nicely expressed pratibha , as u know I always use to say pratibha means “talent “and “pratibha mai itni pratibha hay ki wah Apney se purey jag ko praaiReeth Kar saktey hay”
    And these words seems to come true today.
    Best of luck

  2. I applaud and congratulate to you. You have written an excellent article that should inspire lots of people. Of course much of your subject was your own hard-won experience in the life.I look forward to reading your next article. Best wishes!!!

  3. And here come an exact replica. Same story goes for me, with some difference:
    1. I had to go after 12th
    2. I went to my Mama’s (maternal uncle)
    3. I started my Bachelor’s in IT
    Rest, almost everything is same 🙂
    I thought of writing about my life long back, but till now, couldn’t make a quick start. One day, somehow started writing, and that is still in draft 😛
    Really good write up Pratibha. Kuods!!

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