19th September, 2016


While doing yoga, this morning, I was reminded of yesterday’s post about us all saying that family, parents, children, happiness are the most important thing in our life. That made me think, then why we have family disputes ? Then why the number of old age homes are increasing day by day ?  Then why the divorce rates are going high ? Then why many young people of our generation are not interested in getting married ?  The why our children are doing suicide ? Then why the major problem today is depression among youth? Why ? Why ? Why ? There are many why in front of us now and we don’t have an answer to all the whys. 

Then again , It made me think, are we confused as an individual or as a society ? We say the most important thing is family & happiness but we spend our whole day doing something else. We don’t find time to sit & talk with our parents, play with the children at home and read a book to the elders. But somehow, we have all the time for watching movies, serials, surfing internet & playing that new game in our phone. We say our happiness lies in family & living in present, but we keep making plans for future & sacrifice our present for a day, when we will achieve something & will be happy. 

We have developed measures to calculate & award success, achievements, studies, money & status but don’t have one for happiness, love, family & peace of mind. 

This is everyone’s story, I believe, we have been wired to think & live like this. We respect the one who does big charity, the one who throws big parties, the one with big house & bank balance, the one who is educated & talk nice, the one who has a plan & think for future. I am not saying they are wrong or we must not respect them, they all have worked hard to achieve this and their contribution has helped society. 

But, I believe, it is the time, we need to change our measurement scale a bit 🙂 We need to also start appreciating people, who are just happy, taking care of their family & living a peaceful life. The one, who are respecting their elders at home irrespective of money, status & bank balance they have. The one, who is in harmony & at peace. The one, who is living in present. 

In my opinion, Family is the most important unit in the whole universe & we have to start focusing on families instead of an individual.Let’s live a balanced life. Let’s do something beautiful for our family members today. Let’s write that thank you letter to our parents today. Let’s sit with our grandparents & share stories with them today.

If we each take care of our family & elders at home, the world will become a heaven on earth.





One thought on “19th September, 2016

  1. Major reason for all these things is high expectations from our own persons
    Parents expect their kids should get maximum mark in exams , so that they proudly say to others , that their kids came top in class /school/college etc .
    Husband expect his wife should do all the home affairs alone .
    She should take care of their kids /kitchen / daily household works etc.
    Wife expect her husband should earn sufficient or huge amount , so that they can maintain a high profile life style etc.
    Kids expect their parents should not force them from doing any work or activities etc.
    Their is expectation behind each and every things , we should expect , but over expectaction sometimes creates misunderstanding and that leads to unhappiNess.
    If we can able to limit our expectations from others /family members / friends /relatives etc. Then I believe their will be no space for unhappiness.

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