18th September,2016


Life…. such a small word , but one spends their whole life to find meaning of it. 

This afternoon, while having our lunch, I asked mummy.. what is the most important thing in your life right now ? She said.. Khushi(Happiness) I just want to be happy & each day as it comes. Enough of worrying for future & memories of past.. I just want to happy & live life. Then I asked bhabhi, she smiled and said, mein aur vishalji hamesha khush rahe , ( I just want we both to be happy always). I then asked our helper at home, she just smiled & didn’t say anything. 

I asked myself the same question, the answer was, Just live life & be happy. I thought, this can’t be  this simple. Then I asked the same question to people through  Facebook, 69 people as of now have replied to the post. 

The answers are very simple, happiness, satisfaction, live in present, family, making others happy 🙂 

I have learned through experiences, Life is very simple. We are born to live & be happy. Just live your life , be happy & cherish each & every moment. Do your work everyday & be patience with life. Give your best & best will come to you. We all have different priorities & goals, we all want different things from life, so please  don’t compare & compete. There is no such thing as wrong or right, it’s just things are different & people are different. Who we are judge & blame anyone, the path to happiness is to focus on what do I want, What makes me happy. 

Forgive, each & everyone every moment. We are human beings & we have an inborn right to be make mistakes, don’t make a big deal out of it. Nobody is perfect, I am not perfect, you are not perfect, just let go of all the perfections & accept people as they are. 

Just live & be happy 





One thought on “18th September,2016

  1. Happiness which all are looking for , it has different means and values differ from person to person , as a daily wages labour happy in earning to eat , but a reach is happy to earn for money , to leave a luxurious life , want to have big banglow , costly car,watches,cloths etc .
    A friend is happy by seeing his/ her friend happy .
    Parents are by seeing their kids happy.
    A wife by seeing his husband/kids happy.
    Happiness is a feeling which comes from deep heart .
    Heart is the only organ of body which understand and judge the things .
    Heart always says true .
    Explaining the meaning of happiness is very difficult , but exists in every moments of life , only thing we have to feel it.

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