16th September, 2016


“If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction”
Michael Kornfeld
My life have been very beautiful travelling , meeting new people at every walk of life & learning from them. During my travels, I have been moved by stories shared by strangers, loved ones, family & friends.
I attended “Start-up Service” retreat organised by “Moved By Love at Ahmadabad in December last year Those three days were the best days of my life & it made me believe that generosity, love, kindness & laughter are the best gift to humanity. Mihir bhiaya shared his story of kindness on the very first day.
Once, while travelling from Surat to Ahmadabad in train, he could feel the compartment was full of negative energy & chaos. He asked himself, what can I do here ? A thought came, he gave some money to a tea seller & asked him to serve tea to all the passengers of the train for free. In his own word : – 

“Some reject it, some take the tea but then talk in a hushed tone something along the lines of “this is weird, be careful”. And some are pleasantly surprised and thank the chai wala.

As more and more passengers see this happening, they start feeling that the guy is genuinely doing this out of kindness. The commentary in their minds changes & therefore their expressions change from “how painful it is to deal with others” to “Hey, its not all that bad, there are people like this chai wala too!” Their defense mechanism is relaxed, the minds quieten and the negative energy is transformed.”

“I was moved by his story but didn’t realise at that moment, that it has planted the seed of kindness inside my heart silently.”
After three day, while doing some street shopping in municipal market, at C.G road, Ahmadabad , I bought a piece of neckless from two beautiful Rajasthani ladies selling it on the street. After paying the amount of Rs. 120, I asked them if they wanted to have some tea (inspired by Mihir bhaiya tea story). One didi replied, I would love to have an ice cream instead and another said, me too. I looked around and bought two big Choco dip Ice-cream cones from Havmor for them. I wasn’t that happy buying an ice-cream before. When I gave it to them, they were amazed by the size and said “itna mehenga wala kyun lia”  ( why did u buy such a costly ice-cream for us).
Then we started chatting and they shared their life story with me. They were so happy and moved that said please take back Rs. 20/- of profit that we have earned from you. They kept insisting me to take a gift for my family from them. They innocently said, we live in a slum here and anytime you need anything or any kind of help in Ahmadabad, just let us know . They have asked me to visit them whenever I will be around and next time & I have to get a gift from them 🙂 I was so moved by their kindness and love. It kept me wondering , who did the act of kindness and love ?  Was it me or them? I couldn’t talk more and just said goodbye and left. But their love and words are still with me and now I have two more contacts to get help from in Ahmadabad 🙂 
I Never thought,such a small act of kindness can bring a change in me and the World around 🙂 My heart is filled with gratitude towards all the visible & invisible hands for planting the seed in me.  I look to pay it forward whenever, I will get an opportunity 🙂 
                                        A big thank you to all the visible & invisible hands 🙂 

8 thoughts on “16th September, 2016

  1. I once got a bunch of kids some ice cream and the joy that they expressed was out of the world ! True that happiness can never be achieved with materialistic things but by doing these little acts of kindness!

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