13th September


I love everything about papers & books & stationaries. I still remember those days, when I used to spend all my pocket money on buying dairies & stationaries. My family & friends says, Pratibha, you are still an old school girl, but I just love this thing about me. I still prefer to take notes on a dairy & write my to-do list on a paper. Though, I own a kindle, I love the feeling of reading a printed book. I love writing letters & keep writing to my loved ones & family.  Papa & I have a very beautiful thing between us. Whenever I feel like, I have something deep to share with him & can’t confront him while speaking, I simply write a letter to him & put it on his desk. He reads it quietly in his own time & we never discuss about it ever but the message gets conveyed and we both can feel it. I found letters are the best way to convey our feeling to our loved ones. 

I love writing letters to myself & have wrote many till today. Sharing you with all today, A letter I wrote to myself on 12th June,2015. It is an important day in my life. It is the day , when I came back from USA with eyes full of dreams to India.

12th June, 2015

Dear Pratibha,

Today is the most memorable & important day of your life. Wow !!! You have completed five years of stay in India. Amazing isn’t it !!! I am so proud of you my dear 🙂 You could make it. Thank you for all your efforts & love. I know, it was not easy as it looked but you handled it all so well. Congratulations dear !!! I really love you girl 🙂 Let’s reinvent yourself today.Let’s take a small step toward life everyday. We cannot change the past, but learn from it & make our present & future better. Finally Let’s live & let other live the way they want to live. Let it all Go !!! It’s our time now. Let’s dress up everyday & feel your beauty. You are beautiful ,I hope you know that 🙂 You are so full of life. I really want to thank you for all your support. I know , I have been jerk at times & have avoided you. I was very stupid doing all that to you. Let’s forgive everything & move ahead. Life is very small to hold grudges. It’s a personal request for now to give time to you & please take care of yourself. I love you & will always be there for you 🙂 

Love, Pratibha 

I am smiling in joy while typing it down from my dairy. It gives me an immense pleasure to read this old letters. I always imagine, what it would feel like reading them, twenty years from now. Writing it, made me think, life is so beautiful & we can find joy in smallest thing we can think of. Why wait for a letter from others to be happy, why not write one for oneself & keep them with us. I promise, they will be your asset & companion when you will grow old. They will give you smile & joy whenever you will need them 🙂 

Trust me and write a letter to yourself today. Experience how it feels to you 🙂 

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