11th September, 2016


We have few flowering pots in our balcony.  Baba & I often used to sit there & watch them grow.  He used to have full record of each & every flower & never allowed anyone to pluck them for their personal use. He is a nature lover person & had planted many trees in his life time. One day , a seedling of  whilte Sadabahar (Vinca Rosea) came out of its’ own from one of the pot. Baba removed it and told me : Guddo isko jakar wahan gali mein laga de, kuch din ke bad apne bhagwan ke puja ke liye bahut sare phul milne lagenge. Is phul ke paudhe ko jyada jagah lagti hain, Yeh yahan nahi grow kar payega. ( Guddo, go and plant this seedling on the side of road. You will see after few days, we will get lots of flower for our temple. This plant requires space to grow &  it will get that space there.)

I told him,  Baba, it is not going to grow. Don’t waste your time with it. I didn’t do it but he was very determined & hopeful. He went down & planted it himself.  It was almost dead thrice but he took good care of it and kept watering it daily. We have watched it grow slowly, every time I walk through this plant, it reminds me of baba & his determination. 

The plant is six months old now, blooming  with fresh flowers everyday. The flowers adorn our temple & our’s neighbour temples everyday as it a public property now :). Yesterday, while watching this plant, standing at our balcony, I kept thinking about our ancestors who had taken deep efforts in planting all the trees we have now.  The trees, which provide us with fresh fruits & shades & everything we need for our livelihood today. They must not be alive today to enjoy the fruits of their seeds, but we are enjoying their grace & hard work. We could enjoy fresh air  due to their efforts. Suddenly, my heart was filled with a deep sense of gratitude to all our ancestors for the seeds they had planted. 

Planting that seed of hope, planting that seed of hard work & dedication. The whole human civilization have worked hard since beginning of time, by planting one seed at a time & whatever we can enjoy today is due to their struggles & hard work. 

I kept thinking, is it not our responsibility now to plan that seed for generations to come ? Instead of planting, are we destroying the hard work of our ancestors by using plastic everyday for every little thing, by cutting those trees for our self interest, by wasting paper, by leaving the tap running, by leaving the lights on, by not sharing our commute,  by many of  our own  unique way ? 




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