10th September, 2016



Last year in March, I took a solo trip to Pondicherry & Auroville. It was a life changing experience travelling & meeting people from different walk of life. While cleaning my cupboard this morning, I found the travel dairy 🙂 Sharing few insights of life learned from strangers in that trip 🙂 

Never be individual. Work as a team. 

Never make yourself the centre of attraction, make the work the centre of attraction.

It’s very easy to overcome obstacles but not easy to overcome the praise.

Don’t rebel, just disagree respectfully.

Don’t be rigid & always be open to new things.

The cycle is going on , if you see from the top, you will feel everything is going right but if you see from bottom, you will see the chaos. 

Being good & doing good are too different things. We do want to do good but doesn’t want to be good. We are human beings.

We need all goodness & every small act of kindness & services makes an impact. So don’t compare anything , don’t be competitive, Be in co-operation. 

Different people have different mindset, we cannot deny anyone’s experience. What is right for me, may not be right for others. We should not force our things on others. 

Accept, love & Appreciate life.

              The cover & back page of dairy 🙂 Did this art in train with all the judag material 🙂 


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