9th September, 2016


Last week, in a deep discussion with my brother I told him, ” Bhaiya , I want to do something extraordinary in life. People question me everyday, what have you achieved in your life ? What are you doing now Pratibha ? After a Masters degree in USA, you are at home taking care of your grandparents & family, that too in a small town Jharsuguda ? They question my ability hearing this & think I am at home because I have nothing else to do. I want to show the world what I am ? Baba will be fine in few days, but I can’t wait.. The world is moving forward & I don’t want to be left behind. Let me go to Delhi & work on this start-up idea I have. I can make wonders with it.I want to proof my competence to the world, so they will stop questioning my ability. I have been tried of answering the question… what have your achieved Pratibha ? What’s your professional profile ?

With a voice filled with emotion & pain, I shared Bhaiya, somehow they don’t see achievement in taking care of family. They don’t appreciate living a normal life & leaving behind career goals for collective family goals. All they want is result. People who can go against all odds & achieve extraordinary success are their heroes. Bhaiya let me go and in ten years , you will be proud of me. I promise you that. 

He was listening everything very quietly & first thing he said was….we are still very proud of you 🙂 Why wait 10 years for that & started laughing. Then in a serious tone he said, What is this “I”?  Do you think your success & achievement is only yours ? What about the family who feed you with love & food to get going ? What about the people, who support you in your life & help make you successful. Why you guys forget them ?

What if everyone start thinking like you, what will happen ? Ok, suppose, I start thinking like you & be all focused on my career & goals, then who will take care of this family? Who will take care of our grandparents ? Who will be here to listen to your story ? Why you go after what people have to say about success . They forget, they are a hero because many of them in their family sacrificed to be one.” A family will fall apart, if everyone will start thinking about their personal goals & achievements. The problem ,he explained is : 

 Jis sidhi se chad kar hum upar chadhte hain aur hero bantane hain, hero banate hi us sidhi ko bhul jatein hain. Phir hum usi se phutche hain: batao tumne life mein kya kiya, tum tho failure ho. Dekho mujhe, mein kitna successful hun, log mujhe jante hain, respect karte hain. Tum kya ho ? Aur us sidhi ke pas koi answer nahi hota “

His words made me rethink on our societal success norms & I realized the truth of it.

As a society, we give awards to the successful people for achieving great heights in their career & life. We portray them as our hero & motivate the young generation to follow their foot steps. We appreciate the person, who has left behind everything back home in search of their passion & life purpose. The hard work pays off after years and when one gets success,we boast them with awards & tag them as a successful people of  our society. We write articles on their life stories & their hardships to motivate young generations to be successful in life. 

But, after the conversation, the question kept coming , are they solely responsible for their success ? Are they the only hero to be celebrated for their success?  Who are our real heroes ?  Why don’t we celebrate the life of everyday hero around ? What is success & how will one define it ?  Who is successful & who is not ? Who is your hero ? I leave the question to you to answer. 



His better-half supporting him 🙂 




12 thoughts on “9th September, 2016

  1. प्रतिभाजी,

    आपकी सोच बहोत ऊंची हैं।आपके परिवार को बधाई जो आप जैसी सुपुत्री उस परिवार से बिलोंग करती हैं।गर्व हैं आप पर।

  2. Guddo,

    I agree with vishal that success shouldn’t be measured in what others think of it but what makes you truly happy inside and out. Do not try to achieve anything because someone questions your abilities but only do it because you are passionate about it.

    Also, ask yourself as to what is most important to you in life? Do you want balanced life where there is family plus your dreams fulfilled? Don’t believe anyone if they say that you can’t have both as life is about choices and you choose both. Or do you just want to start climbing up with single focus and one day find yourself alone at the peak with no one to share it with? Both are good choices if thats what you want. Also none of the paths is wrong as long as you are happy and you didn’t sacrifice others to achieve it.

    So, let the society think whatever they want and live the life as you want it.

    With lots of love and wishes…

  3. Nicely put. One person’s success is never his/her’s alone – it is always the people around them who help them raise up and we need to remember all that they have left behind before rushing to emulate them.

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