8th September, 2016


                                Baba with his childhood friend Shri Kishanlalji Sultania 

“Every one has a friend during each stage of life but only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life”.

The same goes with both of them. They both have been friends since childhood ( langotiya yaar ) & still enjoy talking & spending time together. We fondly call him mausaji (Uncle) at our home. Mausaji is an integral part of our family & we proudly introduce him to everyone as baba’s best friend. 

I often hear them sharing stories of old days together & smiling. Mausaji often calls him to discuss his problems & take advice from him. They still plan to attend a social function together,so they can enjoy each others company & he often comes to pick baba from home for the same. All the friends of baba have a ritual to meet everyday around 4 Pm in front of Narsingh dadaji’s (another close friend of him) shop & chitchat. Along with sharing stories of the day, they also have samosa & pakodi (Indian snacks) parties going on regularly. 

Even, his health is not good now & it’s hard for him to climb the stairs of our home, but that doesn’t stop  him to visit baba in an interval of 3-4 days to ask his well being. He comes & says… Sitaram( baba’s name)… Mere dost…. jaldi thik ho ja yar…. kya ho gaya hain tere ko ? Mein tere ko nahi dekhta hun tho mere ko accha nahi lagta hain.. isliye ata rehta hun.( Sitaram- my friend, get well soon. What has happened to you ? I don’t feel good, if I don’t see you for long and that’s why keep coming to meet you.) 

Seeing him, taking care of his friend at this age, makes me believe in power of friendship even more. The love, the affection, the stories, & the memories that only a friend can understand. I think that secret stories & memories are the soul of friendship.

I feel blessed to witness their friendship & wish we all have that childhood friend with us when we grow old. Writing this post, I am remembering all my childhood friends, who I have not talked with for so long, who I have lost in touch with in keeping pace with life. I am going to call them today to relish our old days & renew our story & I ask you to do the same 🙂 

P.S : The quotation has been taken from internet.


3 thoughts on “8th September, 2016

  1. Inki dosti na sirf inke tak simit hai balki inhone hum sab ko generation tak dost bana diya hai
    Balki sab ek family ki tarah lagte hai

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