7th September, 2016


We are on our way to Nagpur. It’s 4:00 AM in the morning. Sitting in railway station, waiting for our train to arrive, I asked my mother about her life leanings & asked what message she would like to give it to me.

Learn to live for yourself & don’t sacrifice all of yourself to the family, she said.

She shared a story with me. There was a lady named Laura, when she was on her deathbed, her husband said, when you will die, who will do the household work & take care of this family. She felt struck with his words, who will do the household work? She felt, is this was her position in this house, to do the household work & taking care of this family. What about me? He didn’t say, I love you or I wouldn’t be able to live without you.

This reminded her of an incident, once she bought a red dress for herself. It was the first time in her life, she did shopping for her. When she happily showed it to her husband, he replied, where would you go wearing this. You stay at home the whole day & What it will be of use to you. She didn’t wear that dress, following his words. On her deathbed she regretted not wearing that dress ever.

The legacy she wanted to give her daughter was:

“Also live for yourself in this life, don’t sacrifice everything for your family. Take care of your happiness along with taking care of your family members. If you will be happy, you can make others happy”.

Mummy happily shared this story & said I would like to give you the same message 🙂

Celebrating Mother’s Day in 2012



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