6th September, 2016


Woke up with a smile after a long time 🙂 A beautiful morning outside & somehow everything seems beautiful 🙂

The short term goal of life for sometime is to just live & be present to life offerings. I just want to live & be happy and do my part the best each & everyday. I know something beautiful will get created everyday and will  keep adding up day by day.

In our family, four generations are living together under the same roof. While feeding lunch to baba this afternoon, I went into some deep thoughts. Our youngest family member Did0 was playing  & enjoying ice-cream around baba’s bed singing & dancing in her own world . She was super happy to have that Ice-cream while I was trying hard to convince baba to have an extra bit of food.

“That moment was epic. I experienced two phases of life in front of me”.

DIDO ( 1 year 3 months old)  who is at the starting phase of her life, where she is just happy, doesn’t care for big things in life, laugh & play whole day along. An ice-cream, a chocolate  & a ride around city in a two wheeler is all she needs to be happy 🙂  

BABA (88 years old)  who is at the last phase of his life, where he is just at peace, doesn’t care about his bank -balance & business lying there on bed.  Seeing my father & brother     (they both are his favorites in our family) ,several times a days is all he needs to be happy & feel well taken care of 🙂 He just want to be surrounded by everyone & keep calling our names to divert our attention to him. 

How we live between this two phases of life is the most important question to ponder at ? 

I don’t know what baba must be thinking about his life now, but I kept thinking the whole day. If we all  know the reality of life & how it is going end, then why don’t we just be happy ? Why don’t we  prioritize our life to do things, that matters to us as an individual, as a family member instead of  getting influenced by trends,media & society. 

I have seen people who were not talking with baba for a long time , have come home to ask his well being & health. It was surprising seeing them coming home after such a long time. It made me think, then why we fight, for what ? We will try our best to reconcile with that person before either one of us die, then why wait for so long to ask for forgiveness or to forgive someone ?

What is the purpose of life ? Isn’t it to be happy & live ? But are we doing that today ? Many of us don’t even know where are we running after ? I don’t know what I am running after & why get so restless sometimes about my career, achievements & future ?

In many ways, baba has given me  a new way of thinking in this last week. The more, I spend  time with him, watching him sleep quietly at his bed, the more insights, I am getting about life & love. I don’t know where this insights will take me & what future holds for me. But at present , I am enjoying the learning process with him. 






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