4th September, 2016


Growing up, I have often listened from family,  friends, relatives & surroundings to  Be a Good girl “. Even if you will notice,when a baby girl in our Indian families cries & demand something unusual ,we say…..Ap Mummy ki/ Papa ki good girl hona ? ( You are  a good girl of your mother / father  right ?) We grow up with a desire to be a good girl & proof this to the world one day.

Who is a Good Girl ?  The one who takes care of her family excellently well. The one with all the cooking & household skills & believes taking care of  her family , children & relationships are  the ultimate goal of one’s life. But then,why don’t we appreciate homemakers as a society & keep asking them to come out of their comfort zone. Why don’t we value their sacrifices & efforts to keep the man of the family going to chase the world of his dreams ?

Who is a Good Girl ?  The one who is independent in her thoughts, makes our own decisions and standing at her own feet financially. The one with dreams to fly high in sky. But then, why don’t we let this good girl fly high ? Why don’t we give her all the support, she needs to turn her dreams into reality?  

Who is a Good Girl ?  The one who follows Indian traditions & cultures . The one who always dresses properly & loves wearing Indian cloths. The one who believes in natural beauty & prefer to be simple in life ? But then, why we portray her as  an old fashioned sometimes & ask her to be with the trend ? Why we expect her to put make-up & look refined ?

Who is a Good Girl ?  The one who is very up to date with the technology & keep up with the fashion trends. The one who is modern and is comfortable wearing anything given to her. But then , why don’t we as a society see something right with a girl wearing western cloths of her choice ? Why don’t we accept her the way she is & ask her to change her clothing style ?

The purpose of this post is not to blame anyone for anything.  In my opinion , we as a society have become confused and each one has made a definition of  its’ own . We ask every girl born in our family to be a good girl but do we have a common definition of it ? I leave the question to you to answer. 

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