2nd September, 2016


My grandfather is not doing well since last few weeks.  I stayed back home to spend some time with him. Looking at him now, resting in bed all day long, I keep remembering our old days together. We used to laugh, talk  & even fight together.I used to ask him to buy me expensive gifts once in a while just to tease him & enjoy the reaction at his face:)   He used to come to my room in every half an hour to ask my well being and whether I had any food or not. At times, I used to get angry on him for doing this. Today I regret all those moments of anger & just want him to stand up and come to my room in every 10 minutes. Our family doctor,  Dr.Jain uncle explained me the psychology of old people very nicely .

Everyone needs personal attention & old people need personal touch for everything. When they don’t get the attention they need, they start getting depression. They know that we have become old & now will be ignored. No one will listen to us even if we will say anything to them.

We need to give time to each & everyone in our life specially to old people of our family. They need your time & attention just like a small baby. Think them as old baby now.They don’t express their grief but  there is deep pain of ignorance among old people.

We need to give them personal attention & time as they grow old.

He explained it very beautifully to me in two minutes. It got me thinking of their pain & the reality of the word he was speaking. I am trying my best to heal the wounds of our relationship and asking his forgiveness for all the times, I have avoided him and was angry on him.We often get so entangled in our own things, life & career that forgets what’s the true gift in our life. We do spend hours chatting with our friends online each day but hardly an hour sharing stories with our grandparents in a week. I think, we all really need to think on this. 

I wish , I could go back in time & do it all over again but whatever gone has been gone. I am happy that at least, now I am giving my 100% to him and my heart is at peace by doing it 🙂 

Lesson learned : Be very polite with your grandparents always and spend some quality                                          time them each & every day.



5 thoughts on “2nd September, 2016

  1. Dear guddo
    Ur grand pa is a great person . And I am too small to say this … I know but this is what I am just expressing my feeling towards him.

  2. Dear Beta,

    I can understand and appreciate your feelings. I respect and care about your feelings. I wish all children of your age realise this fact at the right time and do not regret later for not having spent time with their grand parents.
    Speaking for myself, i am blessed by my grand parents. I spent lot of time with them, listening them, have gained from their experience. My grand mother has been the best human i have come across in my life who cared about me amongst the lot, may be because i am the eldest amongst next generation children.
    I wish you are able to inspire the youth to serve their grand parents.

  3. Very nice pratibha. I also have my grandparents & i really miss them a lot. Whenever i go my home i love to talk them for hours, they teach me the real lessons of life with their experiences.
    I must say we should love our family, grandparents, parents, siblings…

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