To a New Beginning :)


I know, I didn’t write for a long time but was travelling since wrote the last one 🙂

I was away from home for almost three months.  This was the best tour I have even taken 🙂 I believe, I have found myself back all over again. Met the most wonderful people and had the most wonderful time with them.

Had tons of questions, when I had left home and was looking for answers everywhere. I was either thinking about past or were making plans for future. I was all into, what’s the real purpose of my being ?

I was all determined to start a new career, earn lots of money and travel around the World. Somehow I landed up at Manav Sadhna (Ahmadabad) and volunteered there for few days. I had the most amazing time of my life and met many international travellers there and was inspired by them at one point to do the same. Then after having a long conversations with each of them, found out that the  real reason for their travels. They were also in search of something and were looking for the answers everywhere. They always thought the next place would give the answers and kept travelling ( No complains, I have done that many times in past too) We all used to ask each other all the time, so what is that you are looking for ? Did u find it ? Can you share it with me ? And then, we all had a long story to share 🙂 I must say, it was very interesting to listen to each one of them and also share my journey with them 🙂

Then, I realised, this is not the way to do it. I can’t keep travelling and exploring things for ever. The search has to end one day.I had enough of travelling at that point and decided to stay settled & calm for few days. I decided for sure that, I will first find all my answers and then will my continue my voyage.

I believe everything happens for a reason and universe showed me right way. I found the right track finally 🙂 I attended a workshop by Dr. Surendra Pathak in Ahmadabad when I needed to attend it. We studied the work of A.Nagraj Ji for seven days and that changed everything for good. His work has all answers, mankind has ever been searching for. I am so happy to be able to understand it.

Today, I must say, I am in the most calm,settled & happy state of being ,I have ever been 🙂 It’s like a new beginning all over again and I am super excited to be on this new journey.  Finally, I have no worries of past and fear of future. I just want to live and cherish this present moment. What ever gone was supposed to be gone and what ever comes will have to come, I just want to be present for it 🙂

There are many many people, who have helped me come this far and I have no words to express my gratitude for them. I feel humbled & blessed to know them and thank God everyday for giving me the luxury to be able to meet & interact with them 🙂

It’s an almost three month long story & it’s super hard to put it all in one. I know , I have not done full justice to this one but will keep sharing the stories.

I will try my best to be regular in my writing as I am home now 🙂

With Love,



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