We all know how powerful words are and how they shape our World.  It’s a famous saying that ” We are what we think ” but I believe we are also what we speak. It doesn’t mean that, I am perfect with my words or always speak gentle &  good of things and people.

But in last one year , I have realised that,we have always been taught “HOW TO SPEAK”  but rarely taught “WHAT TO SPEAK”. We celebrate when a child utter his or her first word. We gain pleasure in words of children around us. We praise them, even when they speak bad just because , it’s very cute to us. We keep praising them until it sounds cute and then suddenly one day, we start blaming them for their words. We ask them to speak politely with others and use good words. It’s the story of childhood.

As we grow older, we keep playing with our words. In this age of technology with  vast mode of communication, our words get ample opportunities to express itself. We want to be heard of, we want our words to reach places and we want to express ourselves, Just as I am doing it now 🙂

The whole point , I want to make here is , we need to learn “ WHAT TO SPEAK” and also “WHEN TO SPEAK”.There is a notion these days, to give space and be quiet for sometime.  We keep hearing, give it sometime, everything will be alright by the course of time. Time is a great healer. Yes, it is true. Times heals everything  and everything falls in place after some time. But, in my opinion, it is the time to use our words properly. We can’t leave everything to time.


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