Know Your Roots

After working with Kids & youth for since last five years, I have realized there is no readymade formula for change. It’s a life long process and the change should come from inside. We cannot work on a issue like depression, indecision , violence without being willing to change ourselves and without knowing the root of it.

We devoted three years with Sapne ( A Social Learning Organization , we started for Kids & Youth in year 2011) working on various issues like  child creativity, positive thinking ,children being affected by domestic violence, depression, indecision etc. We tried to help them through seminars, interactive sessions & campaigns. It was enough to bring a positive change in them for a time being but the change didn’t last long. We were failing somewhere. Later, I realized the efforts are bringing us the name & fame but not the result we want. We were fooling ourselves of doing something nice but it was leading us nowhere.

I was deep worried inside. I wanted to find the real solution. I knew at that moment, Sapne with all it’s ideas and philosophy is not going to make a long run change in anybody’s life. It is just  going to be a waste of time, energy & money. And then, at that time , I met Ramji Bhai. He is around 90 years old now and has worked with Gandhiji, Vinoba Bhave and many other alike personalities. He told me, Pratibha you don’t have to work on solving any single issue/problem. There is no such thing like that. All you need to do is work with people. If they are changed , then they will do good in all fields of their life. You need to help them understand and change. 

It was a turning point in my life. It was tough in the beginning to accept  & agree with his words. But later I realised, he was right, we keep working to solve a problem desperately but never work on us. We believe, there are many problem in this World to be solved but we never give a thought to who is creating it all. We have a long list of solution for all the problems but very few for the person involved in it or creating it.

That day, another search began inside me. Now, I wanted to know, what makes us what we are today ? Why we behave in a way we do ? Why few kids get depressed out of all ? Why it is so hard to change after a point in life ? Is their a common rule that applies to all ? Lots of questions like this, kept coming in my mind.

It has been two years since then and the search is still on. I found most of the answers 🙂

Will be sharing the insights gradually.

Thank You,



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